Today I began tearing down areas of the motor to check for any problems and do some cleaning. Of course, these things are not required, but they are much easier to do with the motor outside of the car. When cleaning an aluminum block like the STi, you have to be extremely careful what type of chemical you use. Harsh chemicals can erode the aluminum and cause discoloring. I am using a special formula Simple Green called “Pro HD”. This stuff can be used on aircraft and is safe to use on bare metal surfaces, plastics, and even painted surfaces. DO NOT USE REGULAR SIMPLE GREEN.

The motor was very clean when it arrived (thanks again to Robert at JDM Racing Motors for finding me one in such great condition). After removing the alternator and a/c compressor you can see just how much dirt still manages to accumulate behind the various accessories. Cleaning these areas up will allow me to look for any signs of oil or coolant to ensure there are no leaking hoses that need to be replaced.


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