oil pan & pickup install

I flipped the motor over and found a dent in the oil pan due to the weight of the motor resting on it. If you’re getting a motor delivered freight expect to find similar digs on the oil pan and/or the exhaust manifold heat shielding.

For me, this was not a problem because I was planning to replace the oil pan with the revised 2006+ STi oil pan. It provides better lubrication for the bearings – something I gained an appreciation for when the whole world thought my car had rod knock (which it didn’t). The JDM v8 EJ207 motors come with the older, 2004-2005, oil pan. Here is some info on the differences between them:


I also took this opportunity to install the Killer Bee oil pickup and windage tray. These provide some insurance as the OEM part has been known to crack/fail especially if the motor has been through shock from an accident. Here is a gallery highlighting the failure:


OEM (mine was fine with no cracks developing)

killer bee

During disassembly I also found this Greddy sandwich adapter installed under the filter. I’m not going to use it right now, but it was a nice little freebee that will come in handy when I get gauges for this car.

As soon as my new oil pan, dipstick, Fumoto valve, and high temp silicone sealant to arrive and I’ll be able to finish the oil system upgrades for this motor.

Addendum: I used Hondabond HT silicone gasket to bond the new pan to the block.  Note the tightening torque on the oil pan bolts is only 3.7 ft lbs. DO NOT over tighten!


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