There are two routes to installing AVCS…

1. Buy (or make) two wiring harnesses. The left hand side of car is for the AVCS solenoids & the right hand side is for the AVCS sensors.

2. Make a harness for only the right hand side and reuse the wiring from the USDM TGV system for the left hand side.

Note: for the right hand side (the sensors) you must use individually shielded wire!

I went with option 1 because it is SIGNIFICANTLY easier. Pulling pins out of the harness is a royal pain. I wanted to save some time, so I purchased a pre-made wiring harness from IA Performance. With this kit, the install took me under 30 minutes to complete.

Addendum: The connectors of interest are the middle one on the ECU (smallest connector), the black bulkhead connector next to the battery, and the grey bulkhead connector next to the boost control solenoid.


5 thoughts on “AVCS LIVES!

  1. It makes a huge differences in the low to midrange. The car pulls really strong! In fact, it feels faster than my WRX (330 awhp) on just the stock tune.

  2. I’m having issues as well with my 207 swap. Def throwing the 1306 and 1308 code. It’s at a shop and they followed ds1’s guide but are still having issues. Can you help me out a bit? I’ve read something about the ds1 guide to be a bit confusing because how you’re supposed to be looking at the connector? Dunno what else to be looking for. It hasn’t been tuned yet or anything

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