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AVCS CEL code disable

With the motor now installed and the car back in Chicago, I have a few posts to catch up on. This one will cover disabling AVCS codes that appear from plugging in the JDM motor wiring harness to the USDM connectors without the additional wiring required for AVCS. The reason I did this is so I can temporarily drive the car without CELs. Here is everything required:

– Tactrix cable ($150 for v1.3) & flash block
– RomRaider (free)
– ECUflash (free)
– Windows Laptop

The codes to disable are:
P1306, P1308, P0390, P0365

Follow these tutorials to disable them:

Purge Control Solenoid

My motor came with one of the purge control solenoid hoses disconnected. It had a white T-fitting (aftermarket) inserted and was hanging loose. For reference, I will post the differences between the USDM and JDM purge control systems.



As you can see, the JDM setup is much simpler. According to IA Performance, you can delete the purge valve on a USDM and convert it to JDM with no Ill effects. The hoses on the purge valve are known to come off occasionally, so this might be a solution for those running USDM setups.