Part Number Compendium

This is a master list of all the parts I purchased for my swap.

Swap Kit:
V8 STi EJ207 & ECU – JDM Racing Motors
AVCS wiring harness – IAPerformance

Oil System Upgrades:

06-07 EJ25 STi oil pan 11109AA151
06-07 EJ25 STi dipstick 11140AA150
Killer Bee pickup and windage tray
(reuse the EJ207 dipstick guide – it’s the same as the USDM 06-07 STi)
Hondabond HT silicone gasket (to install the new pan)

Engine Maintenance:
Gates “racing” timing belt kit – TCK328RB
Gates standard timing belt kit – TCK328
OEM STi water pump (stamped impeller) – 21111AA240
02-03 WRX water pump (cast impeller) – 21111AA026
OEM water pump gasket –  21114AA051
Spark plugs – NGK –  2667 BKR7EIX Iridium
Oxygen sensor (pre-CAT) – Denso – 234-9011
Oxygen sensor (post-CAT) – Denso – 234-4446
Thermostat & Gasket Kit – 21210AA030
Timing Belt Cover (passenger side) – 13572AA092
Timing belt cover (center) – 13574AA094
Timing belt cover (driver side) –  13570AA044

Exhaust System:
Downpipe flange – IA performance
Downpipe – Speedtech Exhausts
Downpipe (complete) – P&L Motorsports

Engine Mounting Hardware:
Bell Housing Bolts – 4x – 800510080
Start Bolts – 2x – 800510060
Studs – 2x – 800910470
Dowel Pins – 2x – 804010070
Nuts – 2x – 802010080
Washers – 2x – 803010120

Flywheel bolts – 8x – 800610740
Pilot bearing – 806212020


2 thoughts on “Part Number Compendium

    • Yes, I used all new factory parts for the mounting hardware. You should be able to reuse most of it, but I would definitely replace the pilot bearing and flywheel bolts!

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