Dyno Chart


Sorry for the lack of updates. I am in grad school now and not working on the car until the summer. I realized I forgot to post the results from my tuning session! The car did well, producing almost 400 awhp at 24 PSI running on E85…


There is potential to run more boost, but I have maximized the scaling on the MAF and MAP sensors. I also need to hard wire the fuel pump, as the stock relay cannot provide enough amperage to support the fuel pumpĀ at a higher boost level.

Here is a video:


Install day – getting tuned tomorrow!

In preparation for tomorrow’s tuning session, I installed some ID1000 injectors, which are suggested for E85:


I also used this opportunity to install a Forced Performance turbo oil feed. This will prevent oil starvation to the new turbo, which has an enlarged bearing and can make use of some extra lubrication. The install was relatively easy, I just needed to cut part of the green bracket protecting the injectors to give some more clearance for the AVCS banjo bolt adapter. It also made installing the new injectors easier.

The fuel pump I installed is a Walbro 400lph (E85 compatible). Note that this needed to be hard wired into the system. There is no plug-and-play connector that I am aware of.

Will report back tomorrow after the tune!